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The Mescal Sheiks: Bio

In an industry town where singer-songwriters line the streets, the Mescal Sheiks stand out.

As musicians and songwriters, the Los Angeles-based Mescal Sheiks have spent close to five decades walking through roots of American music.

American music that started simmering in both Louisiana and Mississippi. New Orleans had some of the most fertile ground, breathing life into American Blues, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll.

American music that traveled north up the Mississippi River to Memphis, worked its way over to St. Louis and eventually all the way up to Chicago and even to the east, Detroit, New York and Philadelphia.

This roots music became the tree of music for the entire world to feel. Roots that had teeth into the very soul of life.

With their acclaimed first release in 2006, it was said;“This World is Not My Home" is nothing that we have heard, rather it is a telling collection of styles. And that is what makes this so good. Influences abound, and this appreciation is seen in the quality of the song material.” (Marc Nellis – Roots Town Music 2007)

In 2010, the Mescal Sheiks are back to work, drinking from the influences of our unique American art form, crafting a new collection of songs. From the streets of Los Angeles, the wards of New Orleans, the alleys of Memphis, to the corners of New York, Music in the grand musical tradition and our roots.

Clabe Hangan (1934-2008) - Vocals

Rick Solem - Keyboards/Vocals

Rick Smith - Harmonica/Percussion

Dean Sterling - Guitar/Vocals

Phil Bloch - Drums/Percussion

Additional Musicians:

"This World Is Not My Home"

mike barry- bass
albert trepagnier Jr- drums
billy watts- guitar
the texacali horns- joe sublett/tenor sax
darrell leonard/trumpet
elizabeth hangan- vocals
billy sullivan- percussion

The "Second Wind Sessions" Sheiks....

Clabe Hangan - vocals/percussion
Rick Solem - keyboards/vocals
Rick Smith - harmonica/percussion
Dean Sterling - guitar/vocals
Sonny Byers- vocals
Billy Watts- guitar
Lawrence Baulden - bass
Angus Thomas - bass
Peter Malick- guitar
Phil Bloch - drums
Albert Trepagnier Jr.- drums
Butch Norton - drums

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