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The Mescal Sheiks: Guestbook

Joe Pan

August 25, 2009

Dr. Rick Smith... You are truly AMAZING!

FatCat Radio

July 24, 2009

Proud to feature The Mescal Sheiks on FatCat Radio

Dennis Hacker

January 24, 2009

... for 44 years Clabe's gift of love and community have stayed in my minds eye as a code to life. The energy he would bring to us at the old & new Penny U will never leave me............I just heard you have passed

Jonny Octane

October 28, 2008

I dig this band's vibe!

Steve Fischler

October 12, 2008

Hey Sheiks!

What's Skeiking?


Dennis and Vicci

September 8, 2008

To the Hangan Family - Sorry for your loss-we will miss Clabe-we will continue to listen to his music. He did light up the rooms he entered. Thanks Clabe

Bonnie McKenna

August 13, 2008

I was so sad to hear of Clabe's death. I found him and his music thanks to the internet, after 4 decades of not knowing where he was or what he was doing. It was such a thrill to hear from him and exchange e-mails, hear his music, and look forward to seeing him perform live. He gave us so much. Thank you, Clabe

Antonio Escandon

August 11, 2008

I have lost my best friend in Clabe Hangan. Due to his request, he wanted his space during his rehab from his first stroke so I didnt seem anymore. If you have information about his services I would appreciate it verymuch. Perhaps you can informe who is in charge of the services.
Sincerely, Antonio Escandon


August 11, 2008

I was lucky to have known Clabe most of my life.His loss is a great sorrow. I weep.

Bonnie McKenna

May 31, 2008

Hi Clabe, You were my first in-person blues influence back when I was a teensger in the Riverside Young Peoples Folk Song Society (1963). Along with Sally, Keith and Rusty you opened the door for me to explore music I would not have been exposed to at such a young age. I have never forgotten your powerful voice and the blues licks you taught me. I'm living in Dana Point, and have just gone to the Doheny Blues Festival which got me yearning for your music, so I googled your name. What a joy to know you are still producing music. I will buy your album and hope that you will be performing live soon, hopefully at a Blues Festival or The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. Please let me know where I can go to see and hear you live. Whatever happened to Sally? I loved her voice too. Thanks for introducing me to the blues. Bonnie Pittsford McKenna,


April 28, 2008

Should have written this a long time ago but I was delayed eating pasta at Loomis and Taylor - awesome music. Very impressed!!!

Steve Fischler

April 2, 2008

It's about time you all got a guestbook.....You know I love your music...

Steve Fischler


March 16, 2008

Great music. I really do like it.
Wish you all the best.
Greatings from Germany and the BluesRoad

Connie at

Andrew Marum

December 15, 2007

To Rick Smith:

Go Mescal Sheiks! It's nice to hear you're still involved in music.

scott clarke

August 11, 2007

show me the music!


June 23, 2007

You all are nothing short of awsome!

Claire Lasorda

June 3, 2007

yes, rick smith does suck & he blows just as good. so how much does the next show really cost or do we get to choose. Site looks great but those freekin Belgians cant spell. If im anonymous does this still count ?

john heflebower

May 22, 2007

Hi Jeff,

Just had to check out the site.


heidi anderson

May 10, 2007

great band, love your music


May 2, 2007

Rick Smith Sucks (wind) :)


March 25, 2007

Hi just heard your music for the first time on I am a DJ for this site and just wanted to let you know I like your music. Will be playing it as soon as I get it from the DJ who you met. Welcome to AiiRadio.

patrick johnson - massachusetts 'baller'

March 2, 2007

A ghost & old time 'south of the border juice sipper' from New England sends greetings to Rick Smith. Mari told me you are still kickin' it. I recall nights you played harp so long and hard, you literally 'bled from the mouth'. Onward man...regards

Jim & Claire Salo

March 1, 2007

Dean Sterling ... Thanks for the invite (April) ... We plan to be there ... Take care old friend ...

Antonio Escandon

February 5, 2007

Haave attended last three Mardi Gras parties in anaheim and would like to stay in tough with your gigs.


January 28, 2007

Just stopping by to check on "my Sheiks".


January 11, 2007

hope you come north to sf to play

alana amaro

November 7, 2006

Love the new site. You guys set such a great mood with your music!


October 25, 2006

To quote Jan who said it earlier, where have you been all my life - indeed! Damn boys - the music is just sweet!



October 21, 2006

I am in love with you all. Where have you been all my life?? LOL


October 3, 2006

There are too little good sites. Your site is the best. Thank you for the chance to sign your gues
t book.


September 18, 2006

Hi all. nice site.

Mike Blatnik

August 25, 2006

Spoke with Dr. Rick today at the Saddle-he shared lots of great Sheik news. I anxiously await the hext gig. Please keep thrilling us with tasteful tunes...

Carol Douglas

August 9, 2006

You guys just rock with all your superb, feel-good material, and I'd do anything to catch you live if you come to tour in England.
Love your new songs up at MySpace, and my favorite of those "Looking out 4 No 1" is another cracker with vocals to die for.
From your new fan in the UK, all the best.

Anne & Steve Dinsdale

August 8, 2006

"This World is Not My Home" is fabulous. Love it!!!

Suzie (Stoney)

August 3, 2006

Love the music. Glad to have heard your sound on myspace. Keep on groovin guys. You have some impressive influences to work with. The south side of Chicago is dying for some good music.

Bad Boy Bernie

July 18, 2006

Great songwriting!!! The East coast needs you...hurry! we're slippin'...


June 14, 2006

Hey Guys

You invited me to your site and honestly, all I can say has been said by Kate and Hillary of Wildsang for the heart etc.. And PEACE for the mind



sarah nichols

June 23, 2006

Site looks great, guys!
Walking to the River speaks to me...

Kate & Hillary of WILDSANG

June 7, 2006

Absolutely love your music. Feel ya'll coming through from a real old, real pure place that sets the heart and soul in order. Food for the soul food for the heart. Thank you all. Peace soon come, Stay Blue - WILDSANG


May 29, 2006

I like the song "Baby Whatcha Do". That's my choice for your myspace music add.

alana amaro

May 27, 2006

I like the song "Baby Whatcha Do". That's my choice for your myspace music add.